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We're just a group of ordinary people who believe that children everywhere have the right to be just that - children. Our focus is children and childhood.


We started this charity having read about the work of of Playgrounds for Palestine in the USA. They have built over 20 playgrounds already. We asked how we could help and they said please set up a UK branch, so we did!


All of us believe that together we can make a difference, however small, to children's lives. Will you share that vision? Will you help, in whatever ways you can?

our patrons

We are honoured that John Pritchard, for many years Bishop of Oxford, is a patron for Playgrounds for Palestine UK.

"What a brilliant initiative! Congratulations to you all on having the determination not just to feel sympathy for Palestinian youngsters growing up in the midst of such conflict but to act on that experience and set up this British branch of a very worthwhile charity.  I love the simplicity of it. It reminds me of the way the International Centre in Bethlehem set up the stained glass workshops with shards of broken glass from the Israeli attack on the town, and the music workshops for children so that they would hear beautiful things and not just the sounds of violence." 

Thank you Bishop John.

And thank you too to William Sutcliffe, author of The Wall (a moving novel about the Israeli/Palestine divide) who is also a patron of our charity.

And of course thanks to all of you who have supported us. It is so very much appreciated.

Ros Arthur

I was a Primary School teacher for twenty years and now work in Education Welfare. As a teenager I spent time in Palestine which left a deep and lasting effect on me. I hope to make a small difference to the lives of Palestinian children.

Pamela Betts

I am a retired Primary School teacher with a heart for children's well-being. After a visit to Bethlehem and Hebron I wanted to help enhance the lives of Palestinian children in some way.



Lesley Ravenscroft

I was a teacher but now run a small educational company, specialising in mathematics. Following a visit to Palestine I read the article in the Guardian then got in touch with our American counterparts and asked how could we help.



Frank Paul

My work was as a Dairy Farm Manager and I am now a loving grandfather to children who love playgrounds. I believe all children have a right to have a childhood and to be able to play as a child.



Reverend Tony Lynn

I am a retired teacher and parish priest. A pilgrimage to the Holy land opened my eyes to the plight of the Palestinians: children with so little and nowhere to play, and that made me ask what could I do that would make a difference.



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Nicky Beard

I’m a school teacher by training, although currently focusing on my family.  As a mum of three, I’m deeply aware of the importance of safe places to play and the developmental value that follows.  It feels right to be supporting an area of the world where facilities are less prevalent than we have here in the UK.




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