Who provides the expertise?


​Our American counterparts, Playgrounds for Palestine in the USA, have built almost 30 playgrounds. http://www.playgroundsforpalestine.

They will oversee all aspects of the project including shipping, finding suitable sites and ensuring quality and safety. All donations will be used to purchase custom-built playgrounds for the chosen location in Palestine.


Who provides the land?


​The land is always donated.


Where are they made?


​The playground equipment is built in China to the highest standards and is monitored to ensure quality. Safety certificates are available, and working conditions have been checked.



the playgrounds

Who 'owns' the playground?


Ownership of the equipment is transferred to a local Palestinian NGO or municipality that takes over the responsibility of maintaining the playground and providing access to all children.


Who else is involved?


In nearly every aspect of operations in Palestine, we rely on the generosity and dedication of ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) to help ship the equipment, transport it on the ground, and liaise with local organisations and local communities to install the playgrounds.



How are children involved?


Children who will use the playground are encouraged to be involved from the very beginning. Where they can, they help with site preparation and also with caring for the site.


What other links could there be?


​Liaison with children in the UK is important to us - children here and abroad learning from each other. This could be through email, web-links or . . . ? Let us know your suggestions!





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