the previous play equipment - old and unsafe

Thank you for helping to build new playgrounds in Palestine

the new playground - bright and colourful with something for all

The first playground we funded is in the village of Kobar in the northern West Bank, 13 kilometres northwest of Ramallah. About 3500 people live there: more than a third are aged between 4 and 15. The playground is in daily use and is much enjoyed.




Four more playgrounds are now on order: we hope they will be in use by this coming autumn. Two are in Gaza: it is hard to get permission for playgrounds there so we are thrilled that we can support children there.




The fourth playground is at the Al-Shurooq School for the Blind in Bethlehem whose existing playground which indicated that the existing playground is not fit for purpose.


The playground does not meet the needs of children with visual impairment. It is difficult to manoeuvre the playground and play equipment without visual cues. The play complex (tower) is inaccessible and too scary for the children so they avoid it altogether.’


The third playground is near Nablus, in a village called Talouza (see below). We look forward to transforming this wasteland to a place where children can play together safely.




This playground has been a long time in the planning so we are really pleased to be able to move forward, and we thank the school for their patience.



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